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Zakir Ismail from Shah Alam, Malaysia, is a Political Blogger and Gambler, who writes that Turkey is moving in a rather odd motion in relationship to the internal Syrian war. He hopes that perhaps we could see further traction from their side.

Zakir doesn’t agree with those who think that the Greater Israel would be achieved by the next 5 years. He thinks that the concept of the Greater Israel is a conspiracy theory although the Israeli settlements are very concerning to him but it doesn’t surprise him that the Jews would be a superpower soon, because one of the characteristics of the Dajjal mentioned in the Quran is that he would be of the Jewish descent.

Zakir writes it is a sad fact that there are not many Ruqya groups in the outside world and on the internet. He is always down to a discussion dedicated to Ruqya, its methodologies, sharing videos and stuff like that. He has convinced several of his trusted 2021 Malaysia online casino friends to be a part of one such group which he recently created on Guilded.

Zakir writes that the Al-Nusra thing is pretty believable but it is not the result of some international Jewish conspiracy, it is just Israel strategically applying pressure on a country and government (Assad’s Syria) that wants Israel’s destruction.

Zakir claims to have studied the Vietnam War very well. He writes the Vietnamese Congress was getting support from different powers, their main supply line was China and Cambodia. As per him, the Ho Chi Minh trail is something that cannot be exactly summarized. He doesn’t agree with those who say that the Vietnamese soldiers given were outdated and unreliable rifles which were prone to blockage in that terrain, he answers such people that the Vietnamese were amazing at ambushes and their snipers were top threats too. He believes the reason is why the other Vietnamese faction failed heavily was due to the Nepotism and corruption.

Zakir writes that on the surface, the brutality and plight faced during warfare is horrible, but people who live in peaceful regions too often behave as if they are miserable, but then you have places like Bangladesh where despite horrible poverty, they tend to be happy from what he has seen.

Zakir writes during a war, it is physical pain that takes the forefront, whereas in peace, it is psychological pain. He gives examples of the teens and young adults committing suicide and reporting high rates of depression and loneliness. He says it is not as easy to see like blood and death but it makes him wonder how different it is. He recommends visiting those depressed guys to go Goa and pay visit to Morjim female escorts for some leisure.

Psychological pain can be solved, but you cannot regain both your arms.

Zakir Ismail

Pro-gambling Lawyer Is A Strong Critic Of Most Of The Popular Things, Institutions, Cultures And Traditions

Jana Asik is a lawyer fresh out of the Brooklyn Law School. Jana has been campaigning against the pro-nudity and pro-sexuality celebrities since the day she decided to become a lawyer. Jana says that pro-nudity celebrities are nothing less than modern day devils. Jana says that these so-called celebrities have been ruining the youth by making them masturbation and sex addicts. Jana believes that all drug addictions and other fatal addictions are the result of over-masturbation and sex addiction. Jana has interviewed several serial killers personally and just like Ted Bundy told the media right before his death that hardcore pornography is what made each and every serial killer that Ted Bundy came across a serial killer, Jana claims the same.

Jana’s boyfriend – Adam runs a SEO and website designing business. Jana says that there are several similarities between running a SEO business and running a law practice, one of them being – no matter how hard and for how long you work on a case, you are never certain about the success, the other one is that your client is always skeptical about whether you can do the job or not, no matter what your professional background is and how much personal assurance you provide them with. Adam likes to call the search engines as government.

Along with being a strong critic of pornography, celebrity culture and over-sexualization of everything, Jana is a huge critic of both Dharmic and Abrahamic religions, LGBT community and their marriages, tradition, culture and institution of marriage, capitalism, communism, monarchy, republican governments. The only thing that I have found Jana to be for is gambling, especially igm247, she is a regular subscriber and reader of blogs like and a contributor to many other gambling blogs as well.

Casino Online AAMS Champs Making BTC Oil Money

Italy is larger than Italy.

Contessa Cici

Contessa Cici from Genoa, Italy, is a Political Blogger and Gambler, who believes in the claim that Italy and Israel are the biggest sellers of BTC oil in the Mediterranean.

Contessa writes a Balkanised Syria means BTC lines through Turkey becomes less likely and Italy can up its import and sale of oil to the rest of the Europe.

Even to say someone is 50% Italian, all that means is that someone shares 50% genetic similarity with the populace of Italy. Here again you have to use the arbitrary and fluid category of Italian nationality in order to make any kind of order of it.

Contessa Cici

Contessa believes if Hannibal had entered into the Po Valley without meeting Scipio, it would have caused a general panic in Italy.

Contessa believes the Italianness of someone cannot be determined without referring to the nation of Italy be they some escorts in Morjim. She writes that if you have to choose a group of people you are comparing similarities to and if you choose say Italian, you are comparing them to the populace of the nation of Italy.

Contessa doesn’t really agree with the right win, especially their stance on the EU. She thinks the EU is one of the best things that has happened, especially the free travel and the right to live, work or study in any other EU country. So, if someone wanted to get their degree in France, they absolutely could. She hates the fact that the right of the Italy doesn’t do anything. They say that they have too many migrants already and yet they don’t go to EU meetings for the distribution of migrants. She writes it was them that pushed for the Dublin treaty (which mandates that migrants be identified at the country of entry and can’t go anywhere else until identified) and then complain that migrants stay in Italy.

In 2019, the Italian Minister of Interior caused a government crisis in order to go back to vote and secure Prime Minister but the plan backfired horribly. He even mentioned “full powers”, the same term used by Mussolini and Hitler.

Contessa Cici

Contessa writes she would be extremely interested in World War 2 alt history where Italy reigns supreme and its Casino Online AAMS become the greatest to have ever been.

I always like my pizza with a little spicy fascism on top.

Contessa Cici

Contessa doesn’t agree with those who say Albania belongs to Italy. She writes the Albanians played 4D Chess with Italy, they owned Italy the entire time.

Contessa appreciates Mussolini for all the nice stuff that he did for Italy – the roads he built, the clearing of swamps, etc.

Even The Communists Can’t Resist Reading The Latest Online Sports Betting News

When cooking something, I often feel a strange urge to touch the hot stove/pan despite being aware of the consequences.

Hilaire Altham

Hilaire thinks House of Cards describes American Politics close to the reality.

Hilaire finds Asian Horrors better than the Western ones.

I would never have supported the Vietnam War.

Hilaire Altham

Hilaire writes Vietnam War was more like a police action than a war.

Saddam Hossein was the most underrated economic genius of all times.

Hilaire Altham

Hilaire believes the French Revolution was one of the best things to have ever happened to the world. She also believes that the February Revolution (the February Bourgeois Democratic Revolution) is criticized mostly for the wrong reasons. She believes it was one of the best things to have ever happened in Russia and for the Communism.

Femininity and Masculinity are more subjective than objective.

Hilaire Altham

Hilaire doesn’t agree with those who think political compass is an outdated tool. Neither does she agree with those who think/predict/believe that India will become a superpower in this decade, be they Indians living in India, Indians living outside India or Foreigners and that includes the ones who are too frequent at the Delhi escort scene.

Hilaire claims the Richest Indian and the biggest Indian Media Moghul – Mukesh Ambani is a puppet of the notorious secret intelligence trio – CIA, Mossad and MI6. She writes under the supervision of Mukesh Ambani, the mainstream media of India has been trying its best to divide the people of India based on languages, cultures and even skin color, as a part of the agenda of the major western powers that want to divide India into tens of different nations so that they can hinder the industrial growth in India and can sell ten-fold amount of weaponry and arsenal to the Indian Subcontinent compared to what they already do by creating conflicts and wars among these newfound nations.

Hilaire thinks the governments across the globe like Japan and Scotland should switch to blue street lights at night to decrease the crime and suicide rates and they must provide their citizens with the latest sports betting news so that they can make an easy and prosperous living without having to steal.

Hilaire supports Epic Games over Apple Inc, in their legal battle over Fortnite deletion from the App store. She also supports Epic Games’ lawsuit against Google over Fortnite removal from the Google Play Store.

China Will Be The Only Superpower By The End Of This Century And Online Betting Will Overtake Real Life Betting

Wotan Pietsch from Malang, Indonesia, is a Political Analyst and Blogger, who believes compelled speech is worse than a banned speech.

One can soundly and simultaneously support Laissez Faire Economics and be a Nationalist.

Wotan Pietsch

Wotan is in the support of a total and conventional invasion of Hungary by the UN Peace Corps.

Wotan thinks Taiwan will remain independent for a few years and then will eventually join China.

Wotan writes it is inevitable for China to become the next superpower to be detriment to the US, just like Judi Online will soon overtake real life betting soon.

Wotan thinks the only way America can stay the only superpower on the planet is by playing the same card that it did against the USSR. And that would be to arm Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Japan and South Korea as well as create an Anti-China pact.

Wotan believes the UN Security Council should be expanded to include Japan, Germany, India and Brazil as permanent members.

Any pragmatist or idealist will tell you that Islam is not acceptable within Western values.

Wotan Pietsch

Wotan doesn’t support the decision of the US to pull out All-American and their partner forces from Afghanistan by 2021 according to the US-Taliban Peace deal.

Wotan thinks Cecil Rhodes, the Former Prime Minister of the Cape Colony and British Mining Magnate did nothing wrong. He also thinks a native person is no longer indigenous once it becomes impossible to distinguish them from the colonial population.

Wotan writes as our world digitalizes, the internet should be available free of all charges.

Wotan believes Local-Scale Democracy is better than National-Scale Democracy.

Wotan writes if a dictator or an oppressive government makes improvements to the existing infrastructure, there are no human rights abuses or excessive uses of power conducted. He gives examples of Mussolini making the trains runs on time as a popular justification for his rule and colonial powers improving their colonies infrastructure.

From Chicago To Malta, From Cairo To Sicily, People Be Earning Money Using This One Trick

Farah Afify from Chicago, Illinois, is a Political Blogger, who believes the study that claims Spain and Southern Italy, specifically Sicily and Malta have upwards of at least 30-50% North African heritage.

Farah hates the people who buy into the Nordic model hype.

Farah believes the Black Army winning would have been the best for former imperial lands of Russia.

Farah believes it wasn’t possible for the Anti-Communist elements to win the Russian Civil War.

Farah believes Capitalism is the natural made of human exchange of goods (i.e. movement of goods privatorum).

Farah hates that people try to label the group of people who are descended from Latin American Ancestry worldwide and not even feel guilty about it even one bit.

Farah believes the Rural-Urban Divide in the USA can be fixed very easily, but the mainstream media and the politicians don’t want it to happen.

Farah doesn’t believe that the rural-urban divide is a concomitant fact of states historically.

Farah believes the label “African-American” for the Racial Group of people who are descended from African Slave ancestry living in the USA would soon be replaced by “Ex-Africans” by 2025.

Farah asks if the Blacks are now called African-American, why they do not ask us to refer to the Whites as European-American.

Farah believes euthanasia be considered as an option for the adults who have a very little mental function and no productive value for the society.

Farah believes capitalism is the only economic system that is compatible with democracy. She herself does earn money using certain crypto tricks.

Farah believes the Byzantine empire could survive into the present without the Turkish migrations too. It is a nonsense myth that it couldn’t.

Farah believes Jeff Bezos is going to remain the richest person on earth for as long as e-retail is a thing.

Farah believes there is no legitimate threat of the leftist parties in South Korea regarding the banning of the Unified Progressive Party by the Constitutional Court of Korea in 2014.

Melbourne Economist Relies on Online Pokies For Her Luxurious Lifestyle

May Dilbert from Melbourne, Australia, is an Economist and Gambler, who lives a more luxurious life than most of the Economists in her city, thanks to Best Australian Online Pokies.

May says MMT is wrong. When you have government deficits, you do at first generate a private surplus implying current account is zero (thinking the system on a global scale). But when the government runs a deficit, it needs to finance that gap between revenue and spending with bonds. So if the government runs a say $500 deficit, capital flow wise there is a private surplus of $500, but capital stock wise there is a private shortfall of $500.

So, it is zero sum really, then one would tell her that fiscal policy is useless on that point but it is not, because an artificially increased capital flow between sectors may distort the private economy, since the funds are not gained and withdrawn in an uniform style.

So, the government surpluses and deficits, and one may as well may argue the same about taxation and public spending, though there is the Rahn Curve for that — are distortive when you dive inside the private sector components. And while MMT fails to give any significant correlation between private sector surpluses and growth truthfully, there is a negative correlation, i.e., higher private surpluses equal lower growth according to the co-relationship plotted.

Meanwhile, his thesis on the absolute capital flows indicated by the sectoral balances not only gave the expected negative co-relation.

But the bottom line is that her proposal is to effectively neutralize the government influence on both capital stock and flows in order to cease the fiscal distortion in the private sector.

Someone told her that it would make central Bank’s action on monetary policy impossible because of no government bonds and consequent lack of effectivity on federal funds. But he says that can be solved by switching Central Bank to a NGPD target moderated by money supply regulation.

Religion basher loves gambling online and calls it the gateway to the modern era

Jenny Bambach says that there is no way that Christian god or Yahweh whatever you would like to call it is a moral authority. “Might doesn’t make one right and even if there is a god and he is almighty, he is nothing but zealous, not moral”, says Jenny Bambach.

She questions that if god is all-knowing, why couldn’t he predict that Adam and Eve will eat the apples at the Garden of Eden? Jenny even went on to say – “From all accounts, it looks like god is Satan himself pretending to be god. God appeared to Abraham as an all-knowing, all-powerful and all-good being but he forgot to leave his vice of envy at home or in clouds and that’s what exposes him as Satan or an evil being pretending to be the god.”

Jenny says that the originators of biblical accounts are not factual. They are either pure myths or didn’t contribute anything to the bible.

Jenny used to be a religious person in her childhood and early teenage years. She describes “The day I stopped caring about whether there is a god or not, I felt a sudden extraordinary sensation of liberation and relief which I cannot forget till this day or maybe ever.”

Just about 3 months ago, Jenny went on to Reddit to read some work related stuff and found the so-called Redditors bashing the users with Muslim usernames back and forth which she found very offensive. She couldn’t resist the temptation to answer those bashers and started an offensive reply spree saying stuff like “You Christians are worse than the Muslims, look at what you did to the Africans” etc.

Jenny is an online and real-life gambling freak and she claims that she cannot live without it. She plays FIFA55, Dominique Qui Qui, Poker, chudjen bet, you name it.

My Neighbor claims cycling is the best source for a better manhood and Baccarat for a better financial health

Candy Jaew is definitely on another level when it comes to fitness and healthy. She even owns a discord server where they discuss health and fitness all the time. I recently read one of the AC Sport Spin Bikes Reviews at this URL and found out that it was written by my neighbor Candy. She even didn’t hesitate to mention that she was able to buy the bike with บาคาร่า ไม่มีคอมมิชชั่น money, typical ‘Candy Jaew Style’.

Candy firmly believes that most articles about maintaining health on the internet are by amateur writers who know nothing about health, they just know how to create a good-looking designer blog and act like they know everything. “Most of what you read on the internet regarding health, supplements and fitness are nothing but misconceptions”, said Candy in her server.

One guy on her server was doing a cycle of a supplement that recently became very popular, its name is Denik Mupostarine, only to experience the side effects and no benefits. He then in rage, started writing negative reviews about the product everywhere that he could.

Candy herself never tried any other supplement(s) than a Vitamin Shoppe multivitamin back in 2014. Candy claims that it never did any benefit to her and she was paying for just a placebo.

Candy rejects the theory of testosterone olfaction, claiming it is just a placebo like many other.

Candy is a great believer in Traditional Chinese medicine. When asked her age, Candy doesn’t like to tell that she is 27 but rather she says tells the number of days that she has lived. For example, once on her server I asked her how old are you Candy? She told me 9777 days. She says that it really helps her with her life goals.

Candy never meditated and never wants to. She rejects it totally by claiming that it is a total waste of time.

Some of the most popular composers that you know buy Spotify plays to appear more popular

Making a good amount of money is just one of the several benefits that a university degree has to offer. A well-educated person is well-respected in every part of the world and in every field. They get to hire the best of escorts in Goa as well.

The knowledge about the tissues, blood, bones and cells couldn’t be so clear to a common person if it wasn’t taught to us in the high school.

A homo sapien sapien today isn’t considered a homo sapien sapien if he never went to a school. They are considered cave people and are unacceptable by the society. The society may act like it respects them but it doesn’t. Give me an example of a person who has become a great success in the modern times and he/she never went to a school.

Over a billion people alive today in the world that are adults already, never went to a school and they can’t even read or write their own names. You will not find a single success story of any of these people although the number of them is over a billion. The whole world’s population wasn’t 1 billion until the year 1804.

Take Paul Tudor Jones’ example. He is considered one of the greatest investors of our times and whenever his name is taken, one of the things mentioned foremost is that he is an alumni of the University of Virginia. One of the most successful alumni of the University of Virginia.

It is for you to decide whether you want to attend a university or not. But whatever you do, do it with utmost caution, consideration of your future and don’t forget that 3 years of university can change your life forever.

I know several music composers that have been making a full-time living with Spotify. They just did buy Spotify plays in the beginning, which made them look popular and everyone started to listen to them eventually. If music is your thing, then it is not as hard to make with it as it used to be before the internet. My advice to is that you go with your passion.