Sharon Ochs Kissner from Australia is a fan of Book of RA Big Wins

Sharon Ochs Kissner from Darwin, Australia, is an Internet Marketing and SEO expert from Darwin, Australia, who made videos teaching how to make money selling on eBay for a while in 2016. Her videos didn’t rank well on the Youtube, hence very few views.

Sharon then decided to shut the channel down. She was even thinking about writing an eBook on the subject but the experience with her Youtube channel destroyed all her passion for teaching the subject of how to sell on eBay.

Sharon writes on her official blog that if you are a company or an individual with expertise in flash and you have been holding yourself back from creating one just because you have been told that it is not good for the SEO, don’t hold yourself back from anymore, Flash is great for the user engagement and hence it makes the users stay on your website(s) for longer, which is great both for the SEO and conversions.

Sharon writes that the search engines aren’t blind, deaf or dumb anymore, they can read things now that they weren’t able to until some time ago. She adds that they even know everything about the book of ra big wins.

Sharon claims that a nice slow 1980s music on a website is a good idea to be put on a website as long as the visitor has the option to turn it off, the only place where she doesn’t recommend putting the music by default is the tube websites.

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