Pacharapon Doomuenwai from Surat Thani appreciates the Award-Winning Fun88 for their contribution to the Online Gambling Industry

Pacharapon Doomuenwai from Surat Thani, Thailand, is a SEO, Internet Marketing and Website Designing expert, who writes on his blog that all the studies that claim that the users aren’t as likely to click on a longer domain name as its shorter counterpart aren’t reliable. He writes that every SEO expert with at least 10-12 years of experience will tell you that the length of the domain name has zero effect on the user behavior.

Pacharapon writes that you should never trust a website that claims to be award winning but has nothing to prove it. He gives the example of fun88 club, that gives all the proofs of their awards that they have won for the trust they have built over the decades.

Pacharapon writes that the design theme of a website has nothing to do with its search engine rankings. He claims that it is a false notion being spread that if your design theme doesn’t include elements that have to do with your site’s main subject/niche, the search engines are going to keep your website down in rankings, which is far from the truth. He writes that yes, if your design theme is such that it clearly tells your visitors what your website is about then it definitely impresses the prospects and hence more conversions and they also sometimes spend more time on your website because it really touches their heart but saying that it has an effect on the search engine rankings is totally baseless and false.

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