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Worrawit Tharwhuad from Chonburi, Thailand, is an author who recently completed writing a book on the life and death of the Former President of the Philippines – Manuel L Quezon and named it ‘Quezon the Cousin of Every Filipino’.

In his book, Worrawit writes it is great that they have an entire highly urbanized province dedicated to Quezon but it is a pity that they didn’t even bother to name a village after the legendary Manuel L Quezon in the district of El Principe (now Aurora).

Worrawit writes that it is well-known not only by the Filipinos that lived 100 years earlier but Filipinos and Foreigners of the modern times that happen to know the history of Philippines well enough that Sergio Osmena Sr was always envious of the heights that Manuel L Quezon achieved within a much shorter time than himself. He adds that Sergio was even more envious of the charisma of Manuel L Quezon and the way people loved him.

Worrawit writes that Manuel L Quezon is perhaps the most beloved President of the feminists in Philippines owing to the fact that he initiated women’s suffrage there.

Worrawit jokes that the Filipino feminists love Manuel L Quezon as much as the Thai women love สมัครแทงบอลสเต็ป.

Worrawit personally considers Manuel L Quezon to be the best Statesman and Politician of the world during the Commonwealth Era. He says it is a pity that Manuel couldn’t see his dream of a completely independent Philippines through his eyes when he was still alive.

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