Tangkasnet Gamblers have more knowledge about most secret Asian religions’ history

Anita Jha from Denpasar, Indonesia, is an author who claims to have studied the Philippine Mythology better than any other in the Denpasar city of Indonesia and that’s what made her write a book on the same which she named ‘The North-Westward Connection of Philippine Mytho’.

Anita claims the Indian mythology has a huge impact of the Philippine mythology but most people aren’t aware of the same including Filipinos. She believes that most regular Tangkasnet gamblers are aware of this though.

Anita writes that the Pasig River of Philippines and Ganga-Yamuna-Saraswati rivers of India share a lot of common features.

Anita writes in her book that both the North-Westward Areas and Number 13 are considered unlucky in both the Hindu and Filipino mythology and it is no doubt that it came to the Philippine mythology from Hindu mythology.

Anita writes in her book that the lives and actions of the deities in Filipino mythology is more similar to those of the Greek Gods than the Hindu Gods which indicates strongly that Philippines was once either invaded by the Ancient Greece in the ancient times or the Ancient Greek sages used to travel to Philippines to spread their religion. She adds that most of the Filipino deities are like the angrier versions of the Greek Gods.

Anita concludes her book by writing that the best thing about Filipino mythology is that it nowhere says that it is the best mythology in the world or the people believing in it are superior to all other beings unlike in the case of most other mythologies.

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