Musicians making Filipino Mythical God Wealth with Thai SA Betting

Jub Nakbumrung from Chiang Mai, Thailand, is an author who recently completed writing a book on the Philippine Mythology.

In her book, Jub claims the Ancient Filipinos knew how to manufacture some of the most recent developed drugs like Voxelotor and Luspatercept-AAMT but the Christian missionaries, mainly the Spanish ones destroyed all their libraries where they had the formulas written.

Jub writes that Laon and Kan of the Philippine Mythology share a much too resemblance with Hindu Mythology’s Krishna and his brother Balarama and with Jewish Mythology’s Moses and his brother Aaron including their dark complexion and love for the dairy products – especially butter and curd.

Jub writes in her book that the Esa’ in Philippine Mythology has nothing to do with Jesus Christ of Christianity as many Muslims, mainly the Shiaiites believe.

Jub claims the plunder of the Philippine Epics and Mythical Stories by the Spanish and American colonisers is perhaps the greatest in history. She jokes that only if these plunderers knew that they could easily make money with SA, they wouldn’t ruin such marvellous mythical stories.

Jub writes it is only the Philippine Mythology that claims God is left-handed. She writes no other mythology including the Hindu Mythology which impacted the Ancient Philippine Mythology has the same belief or opinion; But rather most others including the Hindu Mythology claim that being left-handed is an unlucky sign, not for the individual, but everyone related to the individual; Which goes on to prove that although the Philippine Mythology is a combination of various other mythologies, it has its own unique flavor as well and perhaps there was a time when the Filipinos had a mythology of their own completely free of outside touch and impact.

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