Author Enjoyed a Tour of Urban and Rural Australia with Tangkasnet Money

Al Iqbal from Maluku, Indonesia, is an author who recently completed writing a book on one of the most prominent nations and a world in itself – ‘Australia’.

In his book, Al Iqbal writes what an irony it is that the official name of Australia is the Commonwealth of Australia and they say it is a sovereign country at the same time, which is quite contradictory.

Al Iqbal refers to the major metropolitan areas of Australia as ‘BAMPS’ (Brisbane-Adelaide-Melbourne-Perth-Sydney). He writes it is funny how many people think that BAMPS is the real Australia, where the opposite is true. He jokes that it is just like how most of the adults think of betting as something bad, but on the contrary it is good, especially if you discover something like tangkasnet.

Al Iqbal questions why they haven’t changed the name of the historically one of the most popular and important regions of the nation – the so-called Arnhem Land to something Aboriginal. He adds the name Arnhem Land is a sign of the hidden White Supremacist mindset of the powers that rule Australia and shows how they are not ashamed or embarrassed about what they did to the Aboriginal people of Australia.

Al Iqbal writes if Australia weren’t a member of the United Nations, G20, Commonwealth of Nations, World Trade Organisation, etc, there was no way that the different institutions would have ranked it so high in the quality of life, health, education, economic freedom, civil liberties and political rights chart.

Al Iqbal claims to have studied the Hindu Mythology thoroughly and he flaunts it in this book of his. He writes in his book that according to Hindu Mythology, the land of Australia was cursed to remain infertile by the Hindu God Shiva after the Aboriginal people made fun of him while he was enjoying a tour of Australia.

Al Iqbal claims Australia is highly racist and The Economist naming some of its top cities as the most liveable ones is a part of a propaganda.

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