Tree-Gazing Brings Good Luck with Football Betting – James Okeri

James Okeri from Singapore, is a full-time spirituality and improvement blogger, who believes that you must exercise your pelvic floor like any other muscle. Even you are no longer engaging in muscular activity, you must perform kegels.

James writes that when it comes to kegels, most people only do regular kegels and think it is enough; he adds that you must also do reverse kegels.

James writes that he stops his wet dreams by contracting his pelvic floor muscles. It is so ingrained in his head that orgasm is bad that his subconscious mind will try so hard to prevent nocturnal emissions. He adds that although it is not 100% effective but of course better than releasing.

James believes that a spiritual aspirant must not release ever. He asks “Do you think the monks in ancient times occasionally ejaculated for health concerns?”

James says that if your bladder is obstructed due to not releasing, it means that there was no transmutation of your vital energy in the first place.

Once a week, James stares at a tree for few hours as he believes it helps with getting enlightened. He believes it also brings good luck with Singapore Football Betting as he wins non-stop there that very day.

James advocates against dead lifts as he believes they have more risks than rewards.

James writes that since he became a spiritual aspirant, his standards have gone so high that he doesn’t feel attracted to 99.9% of the women belonging to any race or class.

James says that being in the presence of an average woman, he feels drained. He tries his best to stay away.

Verona Improver cares about making his product better as much as he cares about betting online

Domenico Guarino from Verona, Italy, is a full-time improver and part-time gambler, who claims that never drank or smoke.

Domenico tried to learn to code in order to create small bots once, but failed drastically.

Domenico is highly active on 45 different Discord Self-Improvement servers and 13 different subreddits.

Domenico believes discipline is overrated while creativity and Goa female escorts are underrated.

Domenico thinks that environment makes way more of a different often regarding the discipline. Although he doesn’t care about discipline much, he just wants outcomes. He gives the example that rather studying in a library instead of a home, making sure you have an accountability, etc, helps a lot more than trying to push through.

Domenico has interesting things to say regarding the UBE. He writes on his blog that people think that being in favor of UBE means that they are charitable, but I think that it has nothing to do with being charitable, it means that the same people don’t know what will happen under an UBI. He believes giving money to people will not solve scarcity, especially if that money is held by the government.

Domenico writes that he tries to make things simple and effective, be it is his web store or his internet comic books.

Dominic writes that he is only concerned about 4 things currently and they are:-

  1. Making his product better
  2. Protecting his product for later
  3. Marketing his product
  4. Betting on migliori carino online italiani