Religion basher loves gambling online and calls it the gateway to the modern era

Jenny Bambach says that there is no way that Christian god or Yahweh whatever you would like to call it is a moral authority. “Might doesn’t make one right and even if there is a god and he is almighty, he is nothing but zealous, not moral”, says Jenny Bambach.

She questions that if god is all-knowing, why couldn’t he predict that Adam and Eve will eat the apples at the Garden of Eden? Jenny even went on to say – “From all accounts, it looks like god is Satan himself pretending to be god. God appeared to Abraham as an all-knowing, all-powerful and all-good being but he forgot to leave his vice of envy at home or in clouds and that’s what exposes him as Satan or an evil being pretending to be the god.”

Jenny says that the originators of biblical accounts are not factual. They are either pure myths or didn’t contribute anything to the bible.

Jenny used to be a religious person in her childhood and early teenage years. She describes “The day I stopped caring about whether there is a god or not, I felt a sudden extraordinary sensation of liberation and relief which I cannot forget till this day or maybe ever.”

Just about 3 months ago, Jenny went on to Reddit to read some work related stuff and found the so-called Redditors bashing the users with Muslim usernames back and forth which she found very offensive. She couldn’t resist the temptation to answer those bashers and started an offensive reply spree saying stuff like “You Christians are worse than the Muslims, look at what you did to the Africans” etc.

Jenny is an online and real-life gambling freak and she claims that she cannot live without it. She plays FIFA55, Dominique Qui Qui, Poker, chudjen bet, you name it.

My Neighbor claims cycling is the best source for a better manhood and Baccarat for a better financial health

Candy Jaew is definitely on another level when it comes to fitness and healthy. She even owns a discord server where they discuss health and fitness all the time. I recently read one of the AC Sport Spin Bikes Reviews at this URL and found out that it was written by my neighbor Candy. She even didn’t hesitate to mention that she was able to buy the bike with บาคาร่า ไม่มีคอมมิชชั่น money, typical ‘Candy Jaew Style’.

Candy firmly believes that most articles about maintaining health on the internet are by amateur writers who know nothing about health, they just know how to create a good-looking designer blog and act like they know everything. “Most of what you read on the internet regarding health, supplements and fitness are nothing but misconceptions”, said Candy in her server.

One guy on her server was doing a cycle of a supplement that recently became very popular, its name is Denik Mupostarine, only to experience the side effects and no benefits. He then in rage, started writing negative reviews about the product everywhere that he could.

Candy herself never tried any other supplement(s) than a Vitamin Shoppe multivitamin back in 2014. Candy claims that it never did any benefit to her and she was paying for just a placebo.

Candy rejects the theory of testosterone olfaction, claiming it is just a placebo like many other.

Candy is a great believer in Traditional Chinese medicine. When asked her age, Candy doesn’t like to tell that she is 27 but rather she says tells the number of days that she has lived. For example, once on her server I asked her how old are you Candy? She told me 9777 days. She says that it really helps her with her life goals.

Candy never meditated and never wants to. She rejects it totally by claiming that it is a total waste of time.

Some of the most popular composers that you know buy Spotify plays to appear more popular

Making a good amount of money is just one of the several benefits that a university degree has to offer. A well-educated person is well-respected in every part of the world and in every field. They get to hire the best of escorts in Goa as well.

The knowledge about the tissues, blood, bones and cells couldn’t be so clear to a common person if it wasn’t taught to us in the high school.

A homo sapien sapien today isn’t considered a homo sapien sapien if he never went to a school. They are considered cave people and are unacceptable by the society. The society may act like it respects them but it doesn’t. Give me an example of a person who has become a great success in the modern times and he/she never went to a school.

Over a billion people alive today in the world that are adults already, never went to a school and they can’t even read or write their own names. You will not find a single success story of any of these people although the number of them is over a billion. The whole world’s population wasn’t 1 billion until the year 1804.

Take Paul Tudor Jones’ example. He is considered one of the greatest investors of our times and whenever his name is taken, one of the things mentioned foremost is that he is an alumni of the University of Virginia. One of the most successful alumni of the University of Virginia.

It is for you to decide whether you want to attend a university or not. But whatever you do, do it with utmost caution, consideration of your future and don’t forget that 3 years of university can change your life forever.

I know several music composers that have been making a full-time living with Spotify. They just did buy Spotify plays in the beginning, which made them look popular and everyone started to listen to them eventually. If music is your thing, then it is not as hard to make with it as it used to be before the internet. My advice to is that you go with your passion.

Conspiracy Theorist and Thai Football News Enthusiast has enough money to not work for the next 40 years

Phouveo Bnl is an Auto blogger and Thai Football News (ข่าวบอลไทย) from Surat Thani, Thailand, who also happens to be a sort of conspiracy theorist, knowingly or unknowingly.

Phouveo Bnl claims that not the Republic of China, not Japan, nor Taiwan, Europe or America, but the Greater Israel is going to be the hub of auto industry within only 5 years whence they establish a nation called Greater Israel. He claims that the current day Syria will be like the Detroit whence Greater Israel becomes the true hub of selling most of the cars all over the world.

Phouveo claims that the auto manufacturer Plasan of Israel, which is currently one of the largest auto manufacturers in Israel, although a tiny one compared to any of the top 40 auto manufacturers spread across the world. Anyways, Phouveo claims that the auto manufacturer Plasan will receive major funding from the public, will take over Morrisson Garages and Chevrolet simultaneously, a strategy that the Plasan has been planning for over 5 years now, and that will be the beginnings of the nation and people of the Greater Israel for taking over the auto industry.

Phouveo claims that the company Plasan will make the Women Empowerment its biggest weapon by donating tons of money for the cause and getting women on its side, which he believes will definitely help them a lot.

Phouveo clarified that what he is telling is not a story out of a putlockers series, but a reality that is going to take place for certain.

Phouveo believes that it is a pity that most successful electric car manufacturers, mainly the Nissan, Hyundai, Tesla, aren’t aware of exactly what threats NVES (National Electric Vehicle Sweden) has against them secretly. Phouveo adds that he is sad that none of the Board of Directors of any of the above mentioned auto manufacturers is taking any of those threats seriously and the day isn’t far away when NVES takes over some of them, before NVES itself gets taken over by an auto manufacturer from the upcoming Greater Israel.

Noor, an Indonesian Muslim loves the Quotes by Vivekananda as much as he loves Online Poker

Noor Mohammad Bariz from Palembang, Indonesia, is a full-time gambler believes overpopulation and capitalism are mainly responsible for the inhuman conditions animals have to suffer through. He adds that if we were less people we would have animal friendly conditions.

Noor loves to read the quotes by Swami Vivekananda as much as he loves betting on poker online.

Noor says the Catholicism is very tempting to him but he just can’t make the leap to total belief for some reason. But if he had to make a bet, he would be with Catholicism is 99,99% true.

Noor says vegans never cease to annoy him. They start a debate and suddenly talk about cannibalism and related stuff. He says vegans are characterly speaking one of the worst ever talked to; Obnoxious, complacent and mostly whiny left liberals. He often keeps hearing that veganism is not the answer from several vegans. He says it seems to be not as flawless as people think.

Noor believes liberalism has no foundation. It tries to grow but without anything to grow on. He says it doesn’t work. You can analyse it to its essence and will realise it will lead to anything good. It’s flawed like the Communism.

Noor believes we currently have higher morals and values. They are a product of many trials and errors and thus it became our knowledge and sense. He adds that morals aren’t inherently bound to any specific religion. But religion is bound to morals and values. They are embedded in the constitution if you will.

Spirituality and Baccarat go together, claims a Pattaya Gentleman

Kumtorn Nateethanasam from Pattaya, Thailand, is a spiritual gentleman who makes full time living with betting on baccarat online.

Kumtorn practices celibacy. He claims to have received tons of physical benefits from it including Hair Regrowth, Better Skin and Thicker Limbal Rings.

Kumtorn has tried to debunk the moderator ‘CrazyRJ14’ of r/semenretention several times. He claims ‘CrazyRJ14’ always contradicts himself in many posts.

Kumtorn believes vaping creates holes in the immunity system.

Kumtorn writes the true question is “Does a man need a woman?” He says if he goes by his usual observation of nature, we probably do but animals reproduce and get women. So it seems like its not a higher goal per se. The love of father or mother for child is extension of ego, do not get near cute little grizzlys when the mother is close. You love it that much because it’s a part of you, hardcoded.

Kumtorn believes repentance or grace can always cancel bad decrees. He writes there are mainly 2 paths:-

  1. Chesed of Gevurah
  2. Grace of Discipline

Kumtorn personally goes with the Gevurah path, just like most Cabbalists do.

Kumtorn believes we go in astral world during REM sleep. He says we have to ask ourselves, when awake or dreaming. Is it real world or a dream? He recommends trying yourself that throughout the day. So we can know when we are dreaming.

Kumtorn believes the higher you ascend, the bigger the spiritual tests. Sometimes those tests are devastating if you aren’t ready for those.