Spirituality and Baccarat go together, claims a Pattaya Gentleman

Kumtorn Nateethanasam from Pattaya, Thailand, is a spiritual gentleman who makes full time living with betting on baccarat online.

Kumtorn practices celibacy. He claims to have received tons of physical benefits from it including Hair Regrowth, Better Skin and Thicker Limbal Rings.

Kumtorn has tried to debunk the moderator ‘CrazyRJ14’ of r/semenretention several times. He claims ‘CrazyRJ14’ always contradicts himself in many posts.

Kumtorn believes vaping creates holes in the immunity system.

Kumtorn writes the true question is “Does a man need a woman?” He says if he goes by his usual observation of nature, we probably do but animals reproduce and get women. So it seems like its not a higher goal per se. The love of father or mother for child is extension of ego, do not get near cute little grizzlys when the mother is close. You love it that much because it’s a part of you, hardcoded.

Kumtorn believes repentance or grace can always cancel bad decrees. He writes there are mainly 2 paths:-

  1. Chesed of Gevurah
  2. Grace of Discipline

Kumtorn personally goes with the Gevurah path, just like most Cabbalists do.

Kumtorn believes we go in astral world during REM sleep. He says we have to ask ourselves, when awake or dreaming. Is it real world or a dream? He recommends trying yourself that throughout the day. So we can know when we are dreaming.

Kumtorn believes the higher you ascend, the bigger the spiritual tests. Sometimes those tests are devastating if you aren’t ready for those.

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