Noor, an Indonesian Muslim loves the Quotes by Vivekananda as much as he loves Online Poker

Noor Mohammad Bariz from Palembang, Indonesia, is a full-time gambler believes overpopulation and capitalism are mainly responsible for the inhuman conditions animals have to suffer through. He adds that if we were less people we would have animal friendly conditions.

Noor loves to read the quotes by Swami Vivekananda as much as he loves betting on poker online.

Noor says the Catholicism is very tempting to him but he just can’t make the leap to total belief for some reason. But if he had to make a bet, he would be with Catholicism is 99,99% true.

Noor says vegans never cease to annoy him. They start a debate and suddenly talk about cannibalism and related stuff. He says vegans are characterly speaking one of the worst ever talked to; Obnoxious, complacent and mostly whiny left liberals. He often keeps hearing that veganism is not the answer from several vegans. He says it seems to be not as flawless as people think.

Noor believes liberalism has no foundation. It tries to grow but without anything to grow on. He says it doesn’t work. You can analyse it to its essence and will realise it will lead to anything good. It’s flawed like the Communism.

Noor believes we currently have higher morals and values. They are a product of many trials and errors and thus it became our knowledge and sense. He adds that morals aren’t inherently bound to any specific religion. But religion is bound to morals and values. They are embedded in the constitution if you will.

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