From Chicago To Malta, From Cairo To Sicily, People Be Earning Money Using This One Trick

Farah Afify from Chicago, Illinois, is a Political Blogger, who believes the study that claims Spain and Southern Italy, specifically Sicily and Malta have upwards of at least 30-50% North African heritage.

Farah hates the people who buy into the Nordic model hype.

Farah believes the Black Army winning would have been the best for former imperial lands of Russia.

Farah believes it wasn’t possible for the Anti-Communist elements to win the Russian Civil War.

Farah believes Capitalism is the natural made of human exchange of goods (i.e. movement of goods privatorum).

Farah hates that people try to label the group of people who are descended from Latin American Ancestry worldwide and not even feel guilty about it even one bit.

Farah believes the Rural-Urban Divide in the USA can be fixed very easily, but the mainstream media and the politicians don’t want it to happen.

Farah doesn’t believe that the rural-urban divide is a concomitant fact of states historically.

Farah believes the label “African-American” for the Racial Group of people who are descended from African Slave ancestry living in the USA would soon be replaced by “Ex-Africans” by 2025.

Farah asks if the Blacks are now called African-American, why they do not ask us to refer to the Whites as European-American.

Farah believes euthanasia be considered as an option for the adults who have a very little mental function and no productive value for the society.

Farah believes capitalism is the only economic system that is compatible with democracy. She herself does earn money using certain crypto tricks.

Farah believes the Byzantine empire could survive into the present without the Turkish migrations too. It is a nonsense myth that it couldn’t.

Farah believes Jeff Bezos is going to remain the richest person on earth for as long as e-retail is a thing.

Farah believes there is no legitimate threat of the leftist parties in South Korea regarding the banning of the Unified Progressive Party by the Constitutional Court of Korea in 2014.

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