China Will Be The Only Superpower By The End Of This Century And Online Betting Will Overtake Real Life Betting

Wotan Pietsch from Malang, Indonesia, is a Political Analyst and Blogger, who believes compelled speech is worse than a banned speech.

One can soundly and simultaneously support Laissez Faire Economics and be a Nationalist.

Wotan Pietsch

Wotan is in the support of a total and conventional invasion of Hungary by the UN Peace Corps.

Wotan thinks Taiwan will remain independent for a few years and then will eventually join China.

Wotan writes it is inevitable for China to become the next superpower to be detriment to the US, just like Judi Online will soon overtake real life betting soon.

Wotan thinks the only way America can stay the only superpower on the planet is by playing the same card that it did against the USSR. And that would be to arm Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Japan and South Korea as well as create an Anti-China pact.

Wotan believes the UN Security Council should be expanded to include Japan, Germany, India and Brazil as permanent members.

Any pragmatist or idealist will tell you that Islam is not acceptable within Western values.

Wotan Pietsch

Wotan doesn’t support the decision of the US to pull out All-American and their partner forces from Afghanistan by 2021 according to the US-Taliban Peace deal.

Wotan thinks Cecil Rhodes, the Former Prime Minister of the Cape Colony and British Mining Magnate did nothing wrong. He also thinks a native person is no longer indigenous once it becomes impossible to distinguish them from the colonial population.

Wotan writes as our world digitalizes, the internet should be available free of all charges.

Wotan believes Local-Scale Democracy is better than National-Scale Democracy.

Wotan writes if a dictator or an oppressive government makes improvements to the existing infrastructure, there are no human rights abuses or excessive uses of power conducted. He gives examples of Mussolini making the trains runs on time as a popular justification for his rule and colonial powers improving their colonies infrastructure.

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