Even The Communists Can’t Resist Reading The Latest Online Sports Betting News

When cooking something, I often feel a strange urge to touch the hot stove/pan despite being aware of the consequences.

Hilaire Altham

Hilaire thinks House of Cards describes American Politics close to the reality.

Hilaire finds Asian Horrors better than the Western ones.

I would never have supported the Vietnam War.

Hilaire Altham

Hilaire writes Vietnam War was more like a police action than a war.

Saddam Hossein was the most underrated economic genius of all times.

Hilaire Altham

Hilaire believes the French Revolution was one of the best things to have ever happened to the world. She also believes that the February Revolution (the February Bourgeois Democratic Revolution) is criticized mostly for the wrong reasons. She believes it was one of the best things to have ever happened in Russia and for the Communism.

Femininity and Masculinity are more subjective than objective.

Hilaire Altham

Hilaire doesn’t agree with those who think political compass is an outdated tool. Neither does she agree with those who think/predict/believe that India will become a superpower in this decade, be they Indians living in India, Indians living outside India or Foreigners and that includes the ones who are too frequent at the Delhi escort scene.

Hilaire claims the Richest Indian and the biggest Indian Media Moghul – Mukesh Ambani is a puppet of the notorious secret intelligence trio – CIA, Mossad and MI6. She writes under the supervision of Mukesh Ambani, the mainstream media of India has been trying its best to divide the people of India based on languages, cultures and even skin color, as a part of the agenda of the major western powers that want to divide India into tens of different nations so that they can hinder the industrial growth in India and can sell ten-fold amount of weaponry and arsenal to the Indian Subcontinent compared to what they already do by creating conflicts and wars among these newfound nations.

Hilaire thinks the governments across the globe like Japan and Scotland should switch to blue street lights at night to decrease the crime and suicide rates and they must provide their citizens with the latest sports betting news so that they can make an easy and prosperous living without having to steal.

Hilaire supports Epic Games over Apple Inc, in their legal battle over Fortnite deletion from the App store. She also supports Epic Games’ lawsuit against Google over Fortnite removal from the Google Play Store.

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