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Italy is larger than Italy.

Contessa Cici

Contessa Cici from Genoa, Italy, is a Political Blogger and Gambler, who believes in the claim that Italy and Israel are the biggest sellers of BTC oil in the Mediterranean.

Contessa writes a Balkanised Syria means BTC lines through Turkey becomes less likely and Italy can up its import and sale of oil to the rest of the Europe.

Even to say someone is 50% Italian, all that means is that someone shares 50% genetic similarity with the populace of Italy. Here again you have to use the arbitrary and fluid category of Italian nationality in order to make any kind of order of it.

Contessa Cici

Contessa believes if Hannibal had entered into the Po Valley without meeting Scipio, it would have caused a general panic in Italy.

Contessa believes the Italianness of someone cannot be determined without referring to the nation of Italy be they some escorts in Morjim. She writes that if you have to choose a group of people you are comparing similarities to and if you choose say Italian, you are comparing them to the populace of the nation of Italy.

Contessa doesn’t really agree with the right win, especially their stance on the EU. She thinks the EU is one of the best things that has happened, especially the free travel and the right to live, work or study in any other EU country. So, if someone wanted to get their degree in France, they absolutely could. She hates the fact that the right of the Italy doesn’t do anything. They say that they have too many migrants already and yet they don’t go to EU meetings for the distribution of migrants. She writes it was them that pushed for the Dublin treaty (which mandates that migrants be identified at the country of entry and can’t go anywhere else until identified) and then complain that migrants stay in Italy.

In 2019, the Italian Minister of Interior caused a government crisis in order to go back to vote and secure Prime Minister but the plan backfired horribly. He even mentioned “full powers”, the same term used by Mussolini and Hitler.

Contessa Cici

Contessa writes she would be extremely interested in World War 2 alt history where Italy reigns supreme and its Casino Online AAMS become the greatest to have ever been.

I always like my pizza with a little spicy fascism on top.

Contessa Cici

Contessa doesn’t agree with those who say Albania belongs to Italy. She writes the Albanians played 4D Chess with Italy, they owned Italy the entire time.

Contessa appreciates Mussolini for all the nice stuff that he did for Italy – the roads he built, the clearing of swamps, etc.

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