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Zakir Ismail from Shah Alam, Malaysia, is a Political Blogger and Gambler, who writes that Turkey is moving in a rather odd motion in relationship to the internal Syrian war. He hopes that perhaps we could see further traction from their side.

Zakir doesn’t agree with those who think that the Greater Israel would be achieved by the next 5 years. He thinks that the concept of the Greater Israel is a conspiracy theory although the Israeli settlements are very concerning to him but it doesn’t surprise him that the Jews would be a superpower soon, because one of the characteristics of the Dajjal mentioned in the Quran is that he would be of the Jewish descent.

Zakir writes it is a sad fact that there are not many Ruqya groups in the outside world and on the internet. He is always down to a discussion dedicated to Ruqya, its methodologies, sharing videos and stuff like that. He has convinced several of his trusted 2021 Malaysia online casino friends to be a part of one such group which he recently created on Guilded.

Zakir writes that the Al-Nusra thing is pretty believable but it is not the result of some international Jewish conspiracy, it is just Israel strategically applying pressure on a country and government (Assad’s Syria) that wants Israel’s destruction.

Zakir claims to have studied the Vietnam War very well. He writes the Vietnamese Congress was getting support from different powers, their main supply line was China and Cambodia. As per him, the Ho Chi Minh trail is something that cannot be exactly summarized. He doesn’t agree with those who say that the Vietnamese soldiers given were outdated and unreliable rifles which were prone to blockage in that terrain, he answers such people that the Vietnamese were amazing at ambushes and their snipers were top threats too. He believes the reason is why the other Vietnamese faction failed heavily was due to the Nepotism and corruption.

Zakir writes that on the surface, the brutality and plight faced during warfare is horrible, but people who live in peaceful regions too often behave as if they are miserable, but then you have places like Bangladesh where despite horrible poverty, they tend to be happy from what he has seen.

Zakir writes during a war, it is physical pain that takes the forefront, whereas in peace, it is psychological pain. He gives examples of the teens and young adults committing suicide and reporting high rates of depression and loneliness. He says it is not as easy to see like blood and death but it makes him wonder how different it is. He recommends visiting those depressed guys to go Goa and pay visit to Morjim female escorts for some leisure.

Psychological pain can be solved, but you cannot regain both your arms.

Zakir Ismail

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