Website flipper from Malta uses BetWorld as his personal bank

Tristan used to trade arts until he started flipping websites. There are thousands of people doing the same to make full time income but very few of them are millionaires. Tristan has found some secret that he doesn’t tell anybody and that secret is called betworld.

Tristan was born and raised in the Ghasri village of Gozo. After becoming a millionaire, he has shifted to St Paul’s Bay in Malta. Recently, he wanted to buy some bluetooth headphones, but he wouldn’t settle for anything lesser than the best. He checked at all the local online websites and nearby stores, he didn’t find what he was looking for. Then by accident, he stumbled upon the Pample Mousse after he searched for the search term top bluetooth headphones on Google.

After looking at the great quality headphones that the Pample Mousse had, Tristan didn’t have the confidence that they will send to Malta, but he was astonished to see that they deliver throughout Europe.

Tristan loves Malta and Gozo and he cannot think of living anywhere else no matter what he gets paid for it. You can give him 2 billion dollars for leaving Malta but he won’t comply. Malta and Gozo are dearer to him than his own life.

Tristan is a blonde and you would be surprised to know that he hates being a blonde. He gets his hair colored to brown regularly. Tristan is also very down-to-earth, he doesn’t like to show off and that’s why he still drives a Honda Civic whereas all his friends ask him to buy some German car.

Tristan doesn’t like pets either. Some of his friends have lots of pets and he hates going to their place. He also fears big dogs. One friend of Tristan owns a Tibetan Mastiff and Tristan always avoids going to his home. He always tries to meet him somewhere else.

Tangkasnet Gamblers have more knowledge about most secret Asian religions’ history

Anita Jha from Denpasar, Indonesia, is an author who claims to have studied the Philippine Mythology better than any other in the Denpasar city of Indonesia and that’s what made her write a book on the same which she named ‘The North-Westward Connection of Philippine Mytho’.

Anita claims the Indian mythology has a huge impact of the Philippine mythology but most people aren’t aware of the same including Filipinos. She believes that most regular Tangkasnet gamblers are aware of this though.

Anita writes that the Pasig River of Philippines and Ganga-Yamuna-Saraswati rivers of India share a lot of common features.

Anita writes in her book that both the North-Westward Areas and Number 13 are considered unlucky in both the Hindu and Filipino mythology and it is no doubt that it came to the Philippine mythology from Hindu mythology.

Anita writes in her book that the lives and actions of the deities in Filipino mythology is more similar to those of the Greek Gods than the Hindu Gods which indicates strongly that Philippines was once either invaded by the Ancient Greece in the ancient times or the Ancient Greek sages used to travel to Philippines to spread their religion. She adds that most of the Filipino deities are like the angrier versions of the Greek Gods.

Anita concludes her book by writing that the best thing about Filipino mythology is that it nowhere says that it is the best mythology in the world or the people believing in it are superior to all other beings unlike in the case of most other mythologies.

Boys play Ludo, Men play Chess and Legends play Bitcoin Dice Game

One of the largest paint manufacturing companies in the world which is based out of India was tired of the excuses that the company it contracted for packaging made all the times. The plastic was full of color streaks, burn marks, blisters and flashes many times. The plastic company was always ready to replace it, but the inconvenience and the wastage of time it caused was really bothering the paint manufacturing company. Until one day, the paint manufacturing company decided to hire some other company for their packaging.

One friend of them suggested China as the greatest place for getting plastic mold done in the current times. The paint company owner never heard this before but he knew that this friend of him never lied to him ever and is one of the most honest person that you will ever meet, decided to give it a go.

He contacted the company on the phone and he was amazed by the courtesy and politeness of the staff of the company. The person who spoke to him on the phone was very fluent in English and even said ‘Namaste’ while keeping the phone down.

The paint company owner was so impressed by the politeness and courtesy that he decided to himself flew to the Dongguan, China and meet the owner of this plastic moulding company himself. They have become such good friends ever since that they both play bitcoin dice game together regularly.

Nakhon Sawan Author established her own publication with the UFABet money

Duangjai Koon Somphong is an author from Nakhon Sawan, Thailand, who is obsessed with the Russian cinema to an extent that she recently released 12th book on the life of a Russian actor – Sergei Bodrov Junior. No publisher was willing to publish her book so she established her own publication with the UFABet money.

In her book, Duangjai claims that Sergei wasn’t interested in women at all after he got married and that’s the foremost reason why his marriage turned out to be one of the most successful ones in the Russian cinema’s history.

Duangjai writes that Sergei both loved and hated acting in movies that included violence and that includes some of his most popular movies.

Duangjai claims to have watched some of Sergei’s movies at least 20 times each since she downloaded windows 10 pro product key.

Duangjai completely disagrees with those who claim that Sergei would have been nothing if it weren’t for his father. Duangjai has always believed that Sergei was more talented than most of the so-called self-made actors and she says that most of those self-made actors that she is talking about also agree with the same.

Duangjai has mentioned in her book that Sergei used to have a fear of ghosts and he wouldn’t be able to sleep at nights due to the same.

Duangjai has written that although an atheist, Sergei used to respect the celibate priests and pastors a lot.

Duangjai has also mentioned that Sergei’s father, who is a very popular director in the Russian cinema, is glad that Sergei Bodrov Jr has left some offsprings to survive him after his death.

Duangjai claims to have interviewed Sergei’s father personally who told her that Sergei was writing a script on a fictional movie based on Colonel Gaddafi and Idi Amin, where they both would have been shown as the best friends since childhood and both had a habit of creating a menace all the time.

The Increasing Number of Filipino Gamblers Betting on Thai Football Websites is Higher than a Kite

Worrawit Tharwhuad from Chonburi, Thailand, is an author who recently completed writing a book on the life and death of the Former President of the Philippines – Manuel L Quezon and named it ‘Quezon the Cousin of Every Filipino’.

In his book, Worrawit writes it is great that they have an entire highly urbanized province dedicated to Quezon but it is a pity that they didn’t even bother to name a village after the legendary Manuel L Quezon in the district of El Principe (now Aurora).

Worrawit writes that it is well-known not only by the Filipinos that lived 100 years earlier but Filipinos and Foreigners of the modern times that happen to know the history of Philippines well enough that Sergio Osmena Sr was always envious of the heights that Manuel L Quezon achieved within a much shorter time than himself. He adds that Sergio was even more envious of the charisma of Manuel L Quezon and the way people loved him.

Worrawit writes that Manuel L Quezon is perhaps the most beloved President of the feminists in Philippines owing to the fact that he initiated women’s suffrage there.

Worrawit jokes that the Filipino feminists love Manuel L Quezon as much as the Thai women love สมัครแทงบอลสเต็ป.

Worrawit personally considers Manuel L Quezon to be the best Statesman and Politician of the world during the Commonwealth Era. He says it is a pity that Manuel couldn’t see his dream of a completely independent Philippines through his eyes when he was still alive.

Nancy Andrews from Leeds couldn’t hide her craze for Horse Race Betting Sites for too long

Nancy Andrews from Leeds, England, is a Chinese Restaurant owner, who recently completed writing a book on the history of Chinese food in India. She named the book – ‘Hindu Kings, Arab Invaders and Chinese Delicacies’. She sent me a free copy on a special request.

Nancy writes in her book that one of the famous Indian Hindu Kings of al times – Chandragupta Vikramaditya used to delight in eating Chinese styled egg tarts, a recipe his personal chefs learnt from the Chinese traders. She adds that the near and dead Hindu Brahmins of the King did a great job in hiding this fact from the Indian Hindu public and successfully maintained the false claim and notion that Chandragupta Vikramaditya was a vegetarian who didn’t eat eggs or meat but they couldn’t hide the truth for very long just like Nancy couldn’t hide her craze for horse racing betting sites for too long.

Nancy writes in her book that the Mahmud of Ghazni – the first independent ruler of the Turkic dynasty of Ghaznavids was crazy for Braised Chicken Feet to an extent of keeping some with him all the time. Nancy further claims that Mahmud of Ghazni’s personal chefs were recruited on the basis of how well they could cook the same.

Nancy writes in her book that the Indian King Kumara Gupta – I and his most beloved wife – Anantadevi used to delight in eating Steamed Sticky Rice all the time; The couple would sometimes do nothing else in the night while sleeping together but just eat Steamy Sticky Rice till their tummies till it felt like it were going to blast and then sleep.

Pacharapon Doomuenwai from Surat Thani appreciates the Award-Winning Fun88 for their contribution to the Online Gambling Industry

Pacharapon Doomuenwai from Surat Thani, Thailand, is a SEO, Internet Marketing and Website Designing expert, who writes on his blog that all the studies that claim that the users aren’t as likely to click on a longer domain name as its shorter counterpart aren’t reliable. He writes that every SEO expert with at least 10-12 years of experience will tell you that the length of the domain name has zero effect on the user behavior.

Pacharapon writes that you should never trust a website that claims to be award winning but has nothing to prove it. He gives the example of fun88 club, that gives all the proofs of their awards that they have won for the trust they have built over the decades.

Pacharapon writes that the design theme of a website has nothing to do with its search engine rankings. He claims that it is a false notion being spread that if your design theme doesn’t include elements that have to do with your site’s main subject/niche, the search engines are going to keep your website down in rankings, which is far from the truth. He writes that yes, if your design theme is such that it clearly tells your visitors what your website is about then it definitely impresses the prospects and hence more conversions and they also sometimes spend more time on your website because it really touches their heart but saying that it has an effect on the search engine rankings is totally baseless and false.

Sharon Ochs Kissner from Australia is a fan of Book of RA Big Wins

Sharon Ochs Kissner from Darwin, Australia, is an Internet Marketing and SEO expert from Darwin, Australia, who made videos teaching how to make money selling on eBay for a while in 2016. Her videos didn’t rank well on the Youtube, hence very few views.

Sharon then decided to shut the channel down. She was even thinking about writing an eBook on the subject but the experience with her Youtube channel destroyed all her passion for teaching the subject of how to sell on eBay.

Sharon writes on her official blog that if you are a company or an individual with expertise in flash and you have been holding yourself back from creating one just because you have been told that it is not good for the SEO, don’t hold yourself back from anymore, Flash is great for the user engagement and hence it makes the users stay on your website(s) for longer, which is great both for the SEO and conversions.

Sharon writes that the search engines aren’t blind, deaf or dumb anymore, they can read things now that they weren’t able to until some time ago. She adds that they even know everything about the book of ra big wins.

Sharon claims that a nice slow 1980s music on a website is a good idea to be put on a website as long as the visitor has the option to turn it off, the only place where she doesn’t recommend putting the music by default is the tube websites.

Matched Betting Blogs are some of the most perfect examples of keeping it real, unique and search engine friendly – Merryn Cahill

Merryn Cahill from Liverpool, England, is a Web Designer, Internet Marketing and SEO expert, who advises other web designers and SEO experts to only include the Alt codes to their images when they find it appropriate, not for the search engine optimization and name it really for what it is, instead of naming it something search engine friendly. She also added in her blog post where she gave this advice that she already knows that most of the readers that into website building will not hear her, but she feels that it is her obligation to guide others on the right path.

Merryn believes that the nation of Australia has a great deal of world-renowned SEO experts, especially when one looks at the size of their population, which is equivalent or even lesser than some megacities of the world. She then adds that perhaps it is because of some of the Australian SEO scammers that the SEO experts of Australia are so underrated. One such scammer from Australia according to her is Matt Barrie, the founder of

Merryn advises that you should keep your title, meta description and meta keywords appropriate instead of the average of your main competitors, in other words, you should not care much about what is considered as the best SEO friendly practice and the search engines would love you for that. She believes that those times are over when it was considered the best practice to keep everything search engine friendly. She says that being search engine friendly is for those who are into the business of renting websites and do it all bulk, for individuals or small businesses making their own websites, it is best to keep it real and unique. She claims that the search engines love uniqueness more than anything else, just like Merryn loves to read her most favorite matched betting blog more than anything else.

Successful Soccer Betting is more helpful for different psychological disorders than the stretching exercises, claims a Self-Proclaimed Materialist Kansas Psychologist

Dr Jules Black is a Psychologist from Mitchell County, Kansas, who claims on his blog that the Muslims are least likely to suffer with the chronic depression compared to the people of any other organized religion followed closely by the Zoroastrians, who now mostly live in India. Dr Jules adds that he believes that the reason why Zoroastrians are so less likely to suffer with the chronic depression is because they are the wealthiest community of India and wealth has been scientifically proven to be one of the biggest cure or prevention of the chronic depression.

Dr Jules Black believes that those who don’t have much wealth but are willing to take risk ought to try some soccer betting with the help of today football prediction and see if it helps not only their chronic depression but also most other aspects of life.

Dr Jules Black writes on his blog that the stretching exercises found helpful in treating lumbar spinal stenosis have also been found helpful in treating mood disorders and ADHD.

Dr Jules Black also claims that the company founders are 50% more at the risk of suffering with schizophrenia, bipolar and ADHD than the hired CEOs, Directors and Presidents. He claims to have the first-hand experience of this, including a couple of examples of his own cousins and friends.

Dr Jules Black writes on his blog that the Internet Marketing professionals are more at the risk of getting psychological disorders compared to the men and women belonging to 99% other professions.